Lector problems anyone?

I just upgraded my baby Lector which I really like to its big brother the 7tl. It has several glitches like it refuses to forward to tracks on a cd beyond the first track; the led readout upon startup reads "open," at which point you have to press the stop/open button on the remote to reset the led and/or computer to commence playing a cd. I have had zero problems with the baby lector, so after all the hype, I'm a little bummed out. Any thoughts or commiserations?
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Actually I have noticed on two (of 700) CDs, the Lecctor has a difficult time finding the tracks near the end of discs with many songs.
It usually takes some "tricks" like playing track 1, and back-tracking from there.
A bit of a hassle, but nothing to weep over,

ErikOzpm - Is your Lector brand new purchased recently from an authorized dealer? I am very concerned because I was getting ready to commit to a Digicode 2.24 and matching Digidrivr.
I think this boils down to rough handling by UPS and wouldn't have mattered who the manufacterer is. The importer Fanfare, and the dealer are both taking good care of me. The sound out of both the little lector and the 7tl are super, so I wouldn't hesitate, despite this hiccup I'm experiencing, to buy another lector product.