Lector Digicode/Digidrive vs Esoteric and Cary?

I realize this thread should probably fall under the "wretched excess/leave well enough alone" category, but here goes:

For the past six months or so I've owned the top-of-the-line Lector transport/DAC combo, and I find it gloriously musical.

But my audiophile-neurotic imp is whispering in my ear that the Esoteric X-01 that I briefly owned a year ago was more involving and exciting, but maybe, just maybe, less musical and "right." And the old fingers are beginning to itch.

I don't really have the sonic memory to compare the two sounds in any meaningful sense.

Anyone out there with recent experience with the Lector combo and the new Esoteric X-01 Limited? I gather that the new Cary is also a "contendah." (I'm not quite ready to spring for the EMM combo).

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and respond.
Oh man, Williamsims, don't go there. Don't mess with a good thing. Very few can say:
...I've owned the top-of-the-line Lector transport/DAC combo, and I find it gloriously musical.

The grass is not greener, my friend, only a different shade of green.
I preferred the Lector seperates overall to the Emm Labs combo - closer to my analog set-up.
It takes the wisdom of others to help me ignore that little demon sitting on my shoulder. Thank you all for the proverbial and collective whack across the chops.
You want, involving,exciting,musical and right- think Wadia/GNSC... Gloriously musical? You betcha...
Aolmrd1241, I owned and enjoyed a Wadia 861se a couple of years ago but sold it when it looked like the company might go under. Is this the unit you're referring to with the GNSC mod? Please tell me more. -- Bill
The itch may turn into a scratch. You have another option- the new Emm Labs CDSA SE one box at $9995. Scratch away!

Emm Labs CDSA SE

I also owned the Cary 306 SACD and it was an excellent machine.
I auditioned an Esoteric X-01 in my system and didn't care for it.

Have fun!
Bill, yes, the 861se with the statement mod is what I"am referring to. The 861se on its own is a very fine machine in its own right,but, imho, to get the very last drop of musicality out of it, GNSC- Steve Huntley and CO. have put some wonderful- magical "know how" into it and they have come up with the best redbook player that I have ever heard. I certainly have not heard everything out there, but with this machine, I indeed am done looking...8^)
Fsarc, thanks very much -- I'd overlooked the one-box EMM, but I definitely would like to audtion it -- looks like a contendah. -- Bill
Aolmrd1241, that's really good to know -- I'll look into it. You don't happen to live in NJ, do you? I'd love to invite you and the beast over for a listen. -- Bill
The Lector CDP-7TL Mk 3 is here and sounding really good, very musical but not euphonic. The separates are a step up from there.
Bill, sorry,don't live in Jersey but I sure do enjoy the coastal region there. Good luck in finding a cdp of your liking. Give gnsc a call,I'am sure Steve would be more then happy to talk shop.Good luck & Merry Christmas...
Aolmrd1241, thanks for your good advice, and best wishes of the Season. -- Bill