Lector CDP-0 6T or Denon 3930ci?

My Lector dedicated tube CD player (CDP-O 6T) gives err message when inserting a CD. Eventually it reads . The audio cuts out periodically as well. US service provider Bridgeport, CT will service. Worth it???
I have a Denon 3930ci /  NAD C545BEE Thoughts appreciated - Thank You- Myvinyl333
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I still read about Lector being a superior cd player in the analogue vein.
I say repair it. Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Thanks for the insight jafant...
I don't have  a Lector, but it  sounds like you need a little work to the transport and/or laser. Could be a simple as cleaning the laser's lens yourself if you can figure out how to access it. Works for me. 

When my last laser/transport failed (of Sony manufacture) I replaced it at a cost, including labor, of $175. I had dealers repair quotes on this of $400 and $450. With identical complaints to yours BAT replaced a BAT laser/transport for  $450.  

Personally, if I really liked the CDP's sound I would have it repaired by a qualified and respected shop in your area.                                                                        
I have been unable thus far to locate a service dept in my area. Eastern Iowa. There is a gentleman in an audiophile store in Des Moines but unless they sell the brand he will not service.