Lector 7T MK3, is it really that great?

Hi fellow Audiogoners. I've only read the reviews on this player. What makes it so good in comparison to the Cambridge 840C? Any owners of the Lector 7T would be welcome. How is the build quality and realibility of this unit. Thank you.
The MK4 is coming out soon. Why not wait?

Two things:
1) Current inventory will need to be sharply reduced, so you'll get a better price
2) Lector has an interesting customer service definition

Best of luck.

I have the unit with NO problems.
Can the Mk3 be upgraded to the mk4?

Point 2. Lector has an interesting customer service definition? Anything to know about? The MK4 sounds interesting. Thanks for the up-date...
Aceboympk, you seem to have some knowledge regarding Lector. I have owned three CDP 7T's, two of the current MkIII's and a MkII. I also used to own a Zoe MkII. I have not had any problems with any of them, and still currently own and use the MkIII in my main system. IMO, the design of Lector gear is ahead of the curve compared to many of the better known offerings, especially at their price points. The Zoe hit well above its weight by offering a very dynamic and extended tubed preamp with a user friendly low output impedance (making it compatible with virtually any amp), and the CD players have advanced damping, top loading, separate power supply, and a very organic (non digital) sound. I would be interested in hearing some follow-up to your comment regarding service and also some more about the MkIV CDP and what they are planning to improve. I could find nothing about a MkIV on their website, although I did find they now call their USA operation "LECTOR AUDIO USA," and provide the same address as "USA TUBE AUDIO" who I believe is the current distributor, so they seem to be one and the same. It is my understanding service is offered from centers in CA and NY. Any additional information you have on the MkIV or on service would be appreciated.
To all out "there is No Mk-4 Lector cdp at this time this is all hype"
I was told by the company that the change from the classic pcm63 - 20 bit dacs, to the classic multibit pcm 1704-24 bit dacs was a clear improvement and I agree it was, please remember these dacs are hand trimmed laser dacs which make them very expensive look inside the best Esoteric machines
that is why not many use them .The Lector has made several improvements with capacitors as well as power supplys they just don't advertise this they feel it it done as they find ways to improve it , this applys to their excellent Zoe preamplifier,as far as the New $1500 Cambridge audio cdp,it is in no way as refined and analog sounding as the Lector. My freinds owns one it is a very good buy for the money though.I have yet to hear a cd player better
the Lector for string instruments up to $10k.
This is one reason why It won product of the year and golden ear award TAS magazine in 2005-and 06. The Esoteric 03se is very close and in some ways better the Lector having vacuum tubes is + especially on bright cds.
I have the latest MK3, and it's just Faaabulous. Certain music and speakers that benefit from 'tube' warmth are just unbelievable. Though I am a McIntosh fan, must admit on many CD's, the best of their players (inclu my MCD500, MCD1000/MDA1000 combo) gets aced by the Lector. The 'analog'-like sound coming from this CD makes the player sound something in between a CD and an LP, in its natural presentation of sound.

Total novice in tube rolling, but nevertheless switched its stock tubes (chem something) to Mullards on some recommendations, but think the stock tubes were better for me.

Looks are beautiful, and you can have all exterior in black glossy, instead of with maple (or some brown wood) side panels. Mine is all black glossy, and sure makes matching with other stuff much easier, and classy. Hope that helps.
Comparing the Cambridge 840C to the Lector is no contest. The 840 is a great player for the money, but it sounds like a CD player; thin, forward, and shallow compared to the Lector. The Lector is almost a turntable. Almost is the key word, it actually means a mile a way, but closer than any CD I have heard. Esoteric, Wadia, and even Cary pale in comparison.
can anybody give a comparison between the CDP-7T MKIII and Wadia 861?