Lector 7T and tube rolling

I'v got this nice CD player, but would like to have even smoother highs. It has originally CVC Chelmer valves (12AT7) and I wonder if old Mullards, RCA, Siemens or other NOS would change this?
Is it important to have NOS from the 60's or is tubes from the 80's almost as good?

I own this player am using some Mullards that I bought from Upscale Audio and am very pleased. The Mullards will smooth out the highs and are great in the mids.
Just some more info:

I've now tried with Siemens NOS as well as RFT NOS (former eastern Germany I quess).
The RFT tubes are best in my system, giving more precise bass as well as natural imaging. Detailed without beeing edgy.

Mullards are next on the list :-)

Hi Ole,
I read one of your posts on audiogon.com
I see you own the lector cdp7 cd player. I just took delivery of a new one on saturday. Can you tell me if you experienced a break in period and if so, what did you experience? I find that out of the box it is quite musical, but maybe a little edgy in the upper midrange.
I see you like the RFT tubes in the player. I use them in my atma-sphere MP-3 preamp. I also like them. Did you ever try the mullards?

T.I.A. for any help given,

Hi Blaine,

My Lector was used for appx 100 hours when I got it; I did not notice any change or break in periode after that.
Tube rolling may be the way to solve the edgy upper midrange.

I was using the Meridian 508.24 as well and this player seems smoother and less edgy in the upper mids - until I started to recognize that the Meridian in fact rolles of, giving this more soft and laid back feeling. With the Lector you are seated in the 2. row, with the Meridian (or other more laid back players) you are in the 15. row......the choice is a matter of taste.

I did try the Mullard as well, giving a more soft and Meridian like sound, but missing some of the very best with the Lector; the transparency and crisping and "airy" musicality (difficult to explain, my native language is norwegian *s*) My best choice so far has been the RFT tubes.

Another experience I have is that the lector works best with a tube pre, towards the warm side.

Good luck!

In regards to my post to Ole, (which I thought was going to be an e-mail, I need to start following directions), After 100 hrs of fully powered up and about 50 hrs of playing cd's, the slight upper midrange edge is no longer there! I could not be happier with this player. Warm, musical and no digital glare at all. This player for the money, IMO, is a great value!
Here are my suggestions:
1. Isolate the CDP well, and it really means great differences in musical presentation. I put them atop a BDR Shelf with BDR cones, and that was much better than the Seismic Sink (older model) I have.
2. I tried many tubes. So far I like the Valvo 6201 (blue lable is a bit better than the white)and the cheap GE 5 star also gives a more lively sound. Siemens ECC81 or ECC801 gives a more linear sound with solid bass.
Which isolating system worked better on your Lector cdp7 guys?
The distributor has spoken with people who have tried many, many different tubes. At the end of the day, the stock tubes turn out to be pretty darn good, which says Lector did their homework. As a new Lector dealer eagerly awaiting the CDP-7TL any day now, I'll be trying other tubes, along with isolation solutions.
...again,i read it's isolation sensitive. Did anyone experience imporovement by isolating the unit.If so, which way worled best?
On tube I thought the stock tubes did a really nice job, but I did upgrade to NOS Telefunken ECC801's. A bit more refined sounding.

Power cords can really add something to the party as well, I tired an Actinote (slightly better than stock), zCable Red Lightning (worse than stock), and ended up splurging for a Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix (big time improvements).

Then lastly on isolation, I went with a Silent Running Audio VR series isoBASE 3.0. I thought the base took things to another level in particular with the bass. But also some other areas. It is not the cheapest isolation method, but I feel it was worth every penny. Now I just wish I could afford a pair of these to go under my monoblocks as well. But yes teh rumors of you needing good isolation beneath the player are true.
Hey Y'all,

I had this player for two years and I loved it. I also used a set of NOS Telefunken tubes and they were noticeably better then the stock tubes. I used Herbie's Halos that were also very beneficial to the overall sound. And finally I had my player on Audiopoints. This player was one of the best I ever heard and sometimes I wish I still owned it.
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