Lector 603 CD player

Have been contemplating a tube based CD player.

Has anyone heard the Lector 603 CD player?  I have read reviews on the 7 series, but not on the 603.





I haven’t done comparison listening, but I’ve heard both in systems at a store that pretty much only uses Lector and Audio Note as CD sources.  They get a lot of trade-ins, and it is surprising how disappointing some “hot” items are, at least in the store’s particular systems.  The latest Luxman SACD/CD player is a recent example—it sounded thin and analytical.

Yes, great reviews.  A bit pricey.  I have a dealer willing to sell a Lector at demo pricing.  But no return policy.

Back in the day ~ 20 years ago, I had a Lector preamp custom ordered with XLR output stage to compliment my all tube system. They commented that it sounded better. Overtime, I eliminated all tubes.


Very nice silver disc spinners , they major on tone and texture delivering a large and harmonically rich soundstage. Think of them as a player that might even appeal to even Vinyl only guys