Lector 603 CD player

Have been contemplating a tube based CD player.

Has anyone heard the Lector 603 CD player?  I have read reviews on the 7 series, but not on the 603.





I have heard it, and its big brother, and I like what I heard.  These are players that do well mimicking the sound of analogue sources--smooth, relaxed sound, but still quite dynamic and lively.  I have been impressed with both their digital electronics and their phono stages.  

I have heard Lector players but not sure which models but they sound fantastic just as Larry describes.

I haven’t done comparison listening, but I’ve heard both in systems at a store that pretty much only uses Lector and Audio Note as CD sources.  They get a lot of trade-ins, and it is surprising how disappointing some “hot” items are, at least in the store’s particular systems.  The latest Luxman SACD/CD player is a recent example—it sounded thin and analytical.