Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamp Info

Trying to find out more about this phono preamp that I inherited from my uncle. I've been using it with my DL103R and AnaMighty SUT and with a tube upgrade, I'm really happy with the way it sounds and it's super quiet.

I saw online some mention of the main circuit board being on springs? Does anyone know whether I have to unscrew anything? It doesn't seem to be springy but it was in a box packed up so maybe it was screwed down for travel? I have no manual unfortunately.


Thanks for this. I am enjoying for sure!

The Telefunken 12AT7s are awesome in this unit. I've got a big bottle 6X5G on the way to try out, suggested by another owner.

What a fantastic piece of kit to inherit! Leben gear is true audiophile porn it looks great and it sounds great congratulations!

Thanks! With the SUT, it’s definitely knocked my Herron VTSP-2A out of the room and into the garage for storage. The ease at which the Leben reproduces music is really enjoyable. So smooth. More, and more tuneful, bass than the Herron too.



Not a good idea to store the Herron or any other electronics in a garage, unless it’s temperature controlled and dry. Maybe you meant it metaphorically.

Actually the garage has a temperature controlled record room with some equipment in it too (on standby to be sold)!

Our place is really small so no room for all the LPs inside.