Leben CS600 with Anthony Gallo's 3.1 ?

I own the Gallo's and I want the Leben. Who can tell me by experience if they match good, bad, poor or not at all.
All comments are welcom
for rock and classical/orchestra it may not be the best choice, but its a fine amp
The Leben CS600 is fabulous for classical! I don't listen much to rock so no comments. The Leben does not sound like your typical tube amplifier - slow, bloated bass. I have gone on a merry-go-round swap of numerous amplifiers, from solid state to class D. Nothing I have tried can hold a candle to the Leben but you must match it with speakers that are fairly easy to drive. I am suing the Rogers LS3/5a (15 ohm) with the Leben control set at 16 ohm. The bass from the tiny monitors is unbelievable. I had an audiophile friend over and he was asking me if I had my Subwoofer 'on" and I replied, "No!"