Leben CS600 Vs C600x

Just wondering if anybody out there had a chance to compare CS600 vs CS600x with stock tubes? I just acquired the new 600X and it came with set of EH EL34, JJ ECC82, and JJ 12BH7A. 
Also, Can't find any info about break-in time for Leben - I am sure those transformers need some time to play their best. 

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Hey. I'm also interested in this comparison. 

What are your impressions of the CS600x. I have the CS300F and am wondering about the more powerful CS600.

I am also interested in both units to pair with my Devore Super 8’s.  I’m looking for vocals that have real flesh and blood quality’s. However, my main concern is sound staging. Especially sound stage width.  Any advice would be appreciated. 
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