Leben CS600 questions?

Can this amp be used as a pure pre-amp or power amp? Thanks.
The CS600 has a "preamp in", but I don't see a preamp out. It has a tape, (recording) out. Looks like you can use the power amp seperately with a preamp, but not as a preamp alone. See link below:


You are right Mofi, I think it can be used as power amp with volumn but not as a pre. Thanks. Wonder if it has enough power for Harbeth HL5s?
I am sure you have seen this review on the Leben CS600 with SHL5s?

Leben and Harbeth
I owned both and they sounded excellent together! Jeff Day's review of them was spot on.
I am using Conrad Johnson P350 for now but will be looking for some tubes when my HL5 arrives.