Leben CS600 owners, what tubes have you rolled?

So people, What tubes have you rolled in you CS600 and what have you liked best and why? What is your gear? And has anyone compared RCA 6L6GC black plates to the Tungsol KT120s? Thanks all, Neil
Do yourself a favor and purchase the Reflector 6n3ce tubes from Jim McShane. Read Jeff Day's review blog of all the tubes he's rolled. Day writes o 6Moons and Positive Feedback. My brother has this amp and it sounds great. The tubes above is what he settled on.
On my setup, the Reflector 6n3ce tubes are very well balanced tonally and are the exact replacement for the 6L6GC as far as setting go. If you are using Sovteks now you will notice a much more smoother treble and midrange and the same bass slam as you are used to.
I have heard the SED 6L6GC and not the RCA black plates and the reflector is far better.For the price the reflector option seems like a very good bet as they are not expensive..you can always keep it as a backup.

Another option is the Tung Sol KT120. I still am awaiting mine to roll to see the difference but they are supposed to be much better (let me check to see where it is better and by how much)
The power difference will be quite large between the 6n3ce and the KT-120. Not even close. I wonder if a reasonable comparison can be done under such circumstances.
The KT-120s are the best I've had in my CS600 to date. Easily besting the 6n3ce.
OK. I have the KT120s running past the 20 hr mark and they are outstanding. especially around both High Freq And Bass
the first 1 hr they were horrible and the treble was almost screechy..but then it started opening up.
the articulation in the bass as well as the clarity in the highs really standout, I believe the 6n3ces have a great Midrange as well so i am not able to notice too much of a jump there..but in a couple of days will put the 6n3ce back just to see the difference
At this point they are a big thumbs up....and you can safely upgrade and give the 6n3ce's a pass.
I appreciate all your responses. Arj, please give us an update when more burn in time happens on your KT120s. Notec, what are some of the tubes you have rolled? Thanks Neil
im the own of the leben cs600 too,and im listening to my devore nines speakers.
im wanna replace my old tubes and my currently tubes are:
electronic tube 6cs7 made in usa(pre-tubes) ,sylvania 6cj3(stabilizer tube), goldlion kt77 genalex made in russia(power tubes).
i must say i read all the posts here and i dont understand few things.1. the kt 120 tubes is the power or the pre tubes ?
i guess the power or im wrong ?
2.Reflector 6n3ce tubes is replacement to the 6l6gc or el34 ?
i like to know if i order the original tubes from leben company its mean the leben sounds is not better then all the tubes you suggest here?
thats all please im so confused about this models of tubes and i like to do smart and good purchase please help me
thanks alot and sorry about my english.
Hi Bolero,
The Reflector 6n3ce is a 6L6, a really long lasting, tough as nails tube, yet it sounds wonderful in your model Leben. If you would read Jeff Days review, as I have suggested, it would clear up your confusion. A s I previously explained, Jim McShane (a highly knowledgeable and trusted tube seller) sells them for approximately $65.00 a Quad, about 260 new Israeli Sheckels. READ: Jeff Day (Google him).
ok . im understanding now Reflector 6n3ce= 6L6.
bout few things more what about the power tubes ?
and stabilizer tube?
what to choose im already have now KT77 GOLDLION GENALEX tubes and Sylvania 6cj3 stabilizer tubes what recommend?

and why is better to prefer them on what Leben suggest that is keep the leben sounds ??
After more than 2 weeks i must say these tubes shine. and when i put on the reflector After getting sued to this the music seems to have gotten Duller (relatively speaking as i used to love this before)
I would wholeheartedly recommend them over the reflector (next best) and the SED (after both of the former...not having heard other 6l6's)
The Bass is so much more articulate and the double bass is to Die for (Kings of bass- Gary karr, Ray brown - producers cut) the lower end harmonics have never been more clearer...and with no loss of midrange purity. I played the Chesky's ultimate demonstration disk yesterday night and was in raptures during Ms Pidgeons voice...which is not my usual favourite.
Bolero, the dumper tube has no sonic impact (or so i believe) as it only regulates the current initially so as to preserve the life of the power tubes. so would not have any impact
I really dont know enough about the KT77..they would be good no doubt.

Regarding Leben sound, from my personal view, the tonal shifts will occur with any tube .. but you will not lose the slam and the power expected out of an SS which the leben brings about along with the micro dynamics and the tube like immediacy & fluidity across the full range....and thats a pretty unique combination (of course which would mean compromises with what an SET lover would expect)
@Kujocku - 6L6GC/6P3S-E/EL34s

All - drop the kt120s in. You won't be disappointed. Better everything but your cover comes off.

Popin the top never sounded soooo goood
Thanks to all for responding, Notec, the 6L6GCs you mentioned were they RCA Blackplates from the 60s? Also Arj your tubes sound like they are burning in nicely, keep us updated if there are further changes.
i still not understand from the response what tubes he mean
The reflector or black plate 60 can u write it clear the name of the tubes
and what about Kt120 what company and its match to leben cs600 or my cover burn
Sorry bout my english not my first lanaguge
kujocku, the 6L6GC's were 6L6GC (5881) SOVTEK, the stock tubes that came with the Leben CS600. Not the blackplates from the 60s.

bolero32, the KT120 are Tung Sol's and yeah, the cover must be removed to accommodate their height.
ok i get this recommend from Jim McShane
(1 quad) 6L6GC-STR Tung-Sol reissue, $87.50
(4) 6CS7 - 2 Sylvania & 2 Raytheon/Japan, $38.00/set
(1) 6CJ3 GE NOS USA made, $7.50

what you think about this set for my leben ,its better then the original tubes that leben put ??
and the kt 120 its better then what Jim recommended ???
thanks alot wait for response.
bolero, if you have the dough, get a couple/few quads for your leben. Sure you can replace the rectifier too (since they're cheap but I didn't notice a change when I swapped mine out.)

Pick a quad set and leave in for a long while 3-6 months. Remember the music you'd be critically listening with (note: strengths, weaknesses - highs/midrange/bass); swap the quad out for the next you're interested in and play the same critical listening music as afore - take and compare notes again.

Again, the KT120s are amazing in the CS600 (enough so that I have another quad waiting in the wings). I'm just enjoying the music these days without the urge to roll for a long while.

I haven't had any of Jim's recommended ones in my amp with the exception of the rectifier: 6CJ3 GE NOS.

The mixed 6CS7 quad and 6L6GC-STR's sound interesting tobesure and yes IMO would be better than the original CS600 tubes.