Leben CS600 or Atmasphere or ARC

Hi everyone, 
I am using a pair of Devore Nine speakers. I am looking for a tube amp for them. 

My shortlist includes:
- Leben CS600  
- Atmasphere (don't know which model)
- Acoustic Research  (don't know which model)
- Almarro A318B ( love this one but couldn't find a good used one)

My budget is around $5000, so probably I will go for used ones. Could you suggest which one is for me? I mainly listen to acoustic music like vocals, jazz, classical. Texture and timing are important for me. 

Thank you for your inputs!


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@quanghuy147 ,
What did you end up with?
Hi Bob, 
My speakers are now Unison Research Max 2 and my amp is Unison Sinfonia Anniversary edition. 
@quanghuy147  how do they sound vs your older Devore Nines? I really enjoy the Nines and don’t see replacing them soon except for maybe Orangutan series. My prior owner of my nines emailed me and asked if I wanted to sell them back.
@davehg Max 2 are calmer, less tiring, faster, more dynamic, more detailed, more tangible. Max 2 sound richer and fuller. They also have more accurate image.

However, Nines sound smoother, more romantic. Some people don't like this because the sound is not accurate but I like it. 

It took me about a week to do some A/B comparisons to finally decide to sell Nines.

Luckily, later on I found a digital cable that can make the sound smoother and more romantic. Now Max 2 sound 90% as 'beautiful' as Nines and still keep all their strengths. 


all that you are considering are good choices, well known, good quality tube amps

the devore 9’s are known to be smooth/warm sounding and moderately high efficiency ... suggest you go with an amp that does not accentuate those sonic qualities even more, and has the power to provide dynamic headroom as needed

https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649693502-audio-research-vt80se/ <--- is what i would choose