Leben CS600 or Atmasphere or ARC

Hi everyone, 
I am using a pair of Devore Nine speakers. I am looking for a tube amp for them. 

My shortlist includes:
- Leben CS600  
- Atmasphere (don't know which model)
- Acoustic Research  (don't know which model)
- Almarro A318B ( love this one but couldn't find a good used one)

My budget is around $5000, so probably I will go for used ones. Could you suggest which one is for me? I mainly listen to acoustic music like vocals, jazz, classical. Texture and timing are important for me. 

Thank you for your inputs!


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Look at
Raven Audio
check our the new bob carver tube amp monos.

if not those.
acoustic research wins.
From your list I would go Leben great match for Devore and great sounding integrated. Plus it's drop dead gorgeous.
You might want to consider a Bakoon amp.I compared my AMP5521 to the Leben CS600 a while back and preferred the Bakoon.The Leben was very good but the Bakoon was clearer and even more musically communicative.The Bakoons are not tube amps but they are like SET amplifiers in that they are current driive/high output impedance/no negative feedback and to me sound more like a good SET.A really good SET.And a half decent SET should sound better than a really good push pull tube amp.I owned an Almarro 318B which was modified and sounded better than the stock version and which did sound good but honestly even the base 15 watt Bakoon SCA 7511Kk 3 sounds better.A bit similar  but better.
Another vote for Leben CS600. 
I can't speak to which sounds better, but if you're looking at Atma-Sphere as a possibility, its the M-60 that would be the candidate. The Devores are easy to drive and an extremely good match with our amps. The M-60s will make about 60 watts on the Devore.

In your price range you'll be looking at a used set of M-60s. BTW, older units can be fully updated to the latest version with full warranty reactivation.
Thank you everyone for your input. 

@jtgofish : This is the first time I heard about Bakoon. I just did some googling and I found that it looks like Bakoon is not popular in USA. I will check it out to learn more.
The Raven Audio amplifiers will absolutely outperform all of the amps mentioned on this list.  Amazingly enough they actually guarantee that in writing.  Call Dave Thompson and talk to him.  It looks like all of their Avian integrated amps are below your $5,000 budget point.  Read the Florida show report here on Audiogon by BlindJim.  Its almost all about how good their room was.