Leben CS 600 vs Audio Note Meishu

Has anyone any experience with theese amplifiers. My speakers are Living voice IBX R2.

Thanks Ulfdantes
I had 2 Meishu amps and both had a hum in the transformer that went out through the speakers. Nice amp but from top to bottom you can do better with an Atma-Sphere amp. There is no contest between the two as the AS will outrun the AN amp everytime.

The Leben at least looks better as the AN is big and ugly.
I believe there is no set answer to your question. If possible, you need to hear these amps in your system to make a good decision.

I have owned a Leben CS600, Atma-Sphere M-60 MK 3.1, and Audio Note Conquest Silver amps. I have not used all of them on the same speakers, but I have used the Atma-Sphere M-60 and AN Conquest Silver on the same Audio Note AN-e/SPe HE loudspeakers, and in my room with my associated gear the Audio Note amps were preferable to me. For some reason, the Atma-Sphere amps produced too much bass energy and quickly became fatiguing (this even if running them with half the complement of power tubes). The Audio Note amps produce a well balanced sound with a nice three dimensional image. The Atma-Sphere amps produced a much flatter (buy wider) image.

The Leben CS600 was magical with Castle Acoustics Howard II loudspeakers. It was not so great with Silverline Sonata III loudspeakers.

The Atma-Sphere amps will most certainly match well. Whether the resulting sound is what you're after only you can decide.

If you decide to try an Audio Note amp, buy one used or with a heavy discount. Audio Note electronics lose their value precipitously.
There is a big difference in sound/$$$ from the AN Meishu to the AN CS amp.
Here's the takeaway from my previous post...

If possible, you need to hear the amps under consideration in your system to make a good decision.

Having owned the Leben CS600, I can verify that it's a fine product with exceptional build quality that should drive the Living voice IBX R2 speakers without any problem. Mine was dead quiet. In fact, it was the quietest tube amplifier (integrated or otherwise) that I have ever had in my system. However, I cannot offer an opinion as to how the combination will sound.
I use to own the Leben CS600 which had more than enough power for my Living Voice OBX-RW speakers. I agree the CS600 is very well made with no operational issues and the sound quality is excellent - well extended, slightly warm and rounded but not classic sloppy vintage tube sound.

As you may know you can tailor the CS600 sound by easily substituting different output tubes.

However the CS600/Living Voice combo wasn't totally satisfying for my taste. Although the CS600 is dynamic and full bodied, I preferred the more incisive and upbeat sound of the Patek gainclone (40w) and the Leben CS300 (12w). These amps complemented the neutural tonal balance and excellent pace, rhythm and timing nature of the LV speakers.

If possible you should audition the CS600 and CS300 with your IBX-R2.
Thank you really appreciate your answers.
If you are going to listen/test/demo Audio Note and Leben, you should probably add Shindo to your list.

I have an AN system, but a friend of mine recently put together a Shindo system (using DeVORE Gobbon 8 speakers) and he is quite happy with the sound.