Leaving feedback

How does one leave feedback if you paid seller by wire transfer outside of agon site?  I didn't officially enter offer and seller didn't officially accept as we were texting back n forth.  Deal is done and everyone is happy.
If the seller marks the ad paid, Audiogon will attempt to get a commission from the seller.
The sale was made outside of Audiogon. The seller would have to cancel the listing to do that. Feedback can not be exchanged on an item that is not listed! Audiogon never received the selling fee.  They are not running a business for free!
Agree that only way to make this happen is for the seller to mark the item paid; if they did not do a pre-pay on the fees, they'll then be assessed. Otherwise there is no way to make this happen. Overall, the approach freddy50 has taken is very risky....for all intensive purposes the transaction does not exist. If something goes wrong, no protection.