Leaving Class A amp on all the time

I have a Llano 300-S amplifier that is 300 wpc Class A into 8 ohms. I hear people talk about leaving equipment on at all times and not shutting them off. On an amp such as this, would leaving it on be beneficial (I'm assuming so from threads I've read)? If so, what will I hear? Also, by leaving an amp on, what part are you "wearing out" by leaving it on ........ I've heard that the capacitors are the things that wear the most? I'm especially wondering this since it is a Class A amplifier and when it sets it's pretty warm, versus an A/B amplifier. Thanks much.

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Heat and large current surges at turn on are what typically kill components. Since this is a "big beast", you want to take as many steps to keep it as cool as possible to extend its lifespan. This means DO NOT put it into an enclosed rack, allow plenty of space around and on top of the amp, etc... You might even want to think about removing the top lid as long as it is not extremely dusty in that area or pose an electrical hazard for pets. Leaving it on will minimize the quite large in-rush current demands that would be required to fully charge the sizable capacitor bank and energize the rest of this beefy amp. I would expect this amp to idle at appr. 130* F or so, so make sure kids aren't around to touch it. You can expect a slight rise in your electric bill, but not a huge amount. You will be rewarded with a much smoother and stable sound than if you turned it off and on as needed. Most SS amps need a good 24 hours to sound their best. If you don't listen that frequently, turn it on the minute that you walk in the door when you decide to do some listening. For extended weekend listening use, fire it up either before you leave for work on Friday morning or when you get home that night and then turn it off on Sunday night. Hope this helps. Sean >