Leaving CD in Transport?

Does it matter if you leave a CD in the transport or should you always remove it after listening?
I have did so for years don't see any harm from doing so.
By default CD in the transport tray is as safe as in the jacket.
On the contrary, seems to me that leaving CDs in the transport is a good idea, significanlty reducing wear and tear on the drawer mechanism. Think of it this way, if you may listen yo the same CD in your next session, you save two drawer openings and closings, and if you will listen to a different CD you will still save one full opening and closing operation. Since, on average I only listen to a few CD's per session, leaving one in the player probably cuts down on drawer use by 30-50%. The only caveate I can think of is if you do not power down or use a standby and your transport gets quite warm for some reason.

CDs are incredibly tough. Have you ever tried to break one of those puppies with your bare hands? As long as the laser is not on, the CD should be very happy in the transport. Cheers. Craig
You bet I've tried to break them with my bare hands! In fact, I get a real kick out of coming up with new and creative ways to destroy all those AOL CD's that show up in my mail all to often...I heartily recommend it to everyone.
Thanks everyone, I heard many moons ago that leaving a cd in a transport could hurt the actual laser. You all proved what I assumed...leave the cd in and avoid wear on ther player. IThanks again...John
Mezmo, sometimes AOL CDs come in realy nice boxes that I keep to store my software that very often came in plastic sleeves.