Leave well enough alone

I find more damn ways to bust stuff. I sold my SystemDek IIX turntable to a gent, and prior to packing it up figured I'd work on making sure the cover was flawless. Cracked it. Dammit. I kept the hinges and the nameplate, now I find myself needing a new cover pronto. The cover is (was)
clear plastic, measures 18 1/4" wide, 14" deep, 2" high. I tried a search on the 'net under turntables and under dustcovers, no luck. Any idea where I can get another one, preferably in as new condition??? Sure appreciate any help. Thanks, Jeff
I think the needledoctor.com sells replacment covers but be prepared to pay big bucks.Its the name of the game in this hobby.
Jeff: I do stuff like that all the time. I once destroyed a very rare snowdome from the 1939 World's Fair while attempting to repair it for my wife (the inside plaque, some type of early plastic or maybe Mica, was so frail that it disintigrated when I opened up the dome). One way to look at it is that the plastic on the dust cover was so brittle that it would have happened anyway. Good luck.
Same here, I got a deal on a McIntosh MR71 tuner quite rare) Paid C$250 for it. Looked good except the inside the glass was a little dusty. I had to take it out to clean it. Guess what????!!! The markings were old and some of it came off!! I was pissed and mad at myself for days. I couldn't sleep for few days thinking that I screwed up the perfectly clear markings with smeared ones. Go figure! Jeff, you're not the only one.
Another source for turntable parts is:



I had Tap Plastics duplicate my Michell dust cover exactly after UPS destroyed it. Cost something like $80 5-6 years ago and was done in 2 days. Good luck.