leave solid state power amps on?

Is it good idea to leave solid state power amps on continuously? Will doing so dry out caps shortening life span?
Check the archives, this topic has been covered many, many times. The general consensus is that you should leave it on 24/7, except durning a thunderstorm.
Actually leaving it on all the time is better for the caps.
Long periods of non-use is much worse for any capacitor.
The on-off cycling is also not as good as leaving it on all the time.
My suggestion is to turn power amps off when not in use for long periods of time say overnight this includes tubed pre-amps. Solid State Pre-amps and CD players are ok to leave on 24/7. You should ask the manufacturer of your power amp what they suggest. My suggestion is covered on the Conrad Johnson web-site and is their recommendation as well.

Thought I'd chime in. I'm STRICTLY speaking of MY experience with Krell amps:

Having spoken to Steven - A head service guy at Krell - He said to absolutely NOT leave the Krells on 24/7. He said to shut them off when not in use. It heat created is NOT good for the Caps. He likened it to leaving you car idling in your driveway all the time - not good.

The newer FPB Krells go into a standby mode anyway when the FRONT on/off button is pushed.
I don't think it's a good idea to leave CDP's or CD transports on when not in use. You might want to check this with the individual manufacturer, but so far as I know, none of the lasers go into standby mode when not in play.
This whole thing confuses me as I know heat is an enemy of electronics. Even my amp which biases itself down still runs warmish and I figure if I can turn a tv off and on for a decade without a problem I'd hope my audio gear could handle it too. I can't see leaving anything on and I'm no EE but it seems like it wouldn't last as long this way. Just turn stuff on a half hour before you sit down and you won't waste any electricity. If your gear can't handle being turned off and on without breaking down buy something else. My brother owns a receiver I bought over twenty years ago made my Technics and it still works fine. I use a Marantz 2220 for headphone listening while I'm on the computer. It was made in the early seventies and works fine still. Imo we audiophiles can be too neurotic.
Buy a Bryston, and don't worry about it for 20 years.