leave power on?

I have heard that it is bad to turn power off, especially in tube gear. What is the opinion about leaving power on vs turning off. I would rather turn off if it is OK. I have Pro-ject tube box SE phono, Odyssey pre amp and amp. Please share your opinions. Thanks, Mark
With tube equipment it simply has to do with the cost of retubing. Better to turn off tube equipment and warm it up for a short while prior to listening, unless you will be doing a lot of listening during the course of two or three days, such as weekends, where the thermal issues associated with turning off and on are probably harder on the tubes than leaving the unit on for such a period. This last recommendation comes from one of the people at ARC who provides information over the phone.
This subject has been hashed out several times.

The bottom line seems to be:
Turning it off and on all the time is as bad as the heat damage from leaving it on 24/7.
A tossup.
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