Leave My Tube Amp/Pre-Amp Powered Up?

I leave my Wadia 860x powered up all the time. I do not leave my Connie J 11a and 16ls powered up, should I? I understand that if my amp/pre amps were solid state it would be okay to leave them on all the time, I'm just not sure about tube stuff. Thanks.
Hi, power tubes only last around 2000 hour under normal usage. I would leave it on all the time only if I'm rich.
I would leave the CJ's off if your not listening. While its true that that intitial electrical current that runs throught the circuit when an electrical device is turned on is responsible for shortening circuit life, in the case of tubes thier life expectancy (at least for listening to music) is such that the wear and tear from on/off modes isn't going to manifest itself into any audible damage within those few thousand hours that the tube is actually good for.