Leave Levinson on?

I am considering a Levinson 332 or 333 to run my Proac 3.8's. I am wondering if most owners of Levison amps leave them on and what is the full warm up time if they don't. Does Levinson say anything about this? My Classe ca200 has been on since owned, but I am concerned about leaving a class A amp on 24/7
I leave my 335 on standby all the time. This way, the warm-up time is 5 to 10 mins. From full power-down (to my ears) the warm-up seems to be approx 30 to 60 mins.
I concur with Ikarus. I have ML 23.5 amps and leave them on 24/7 because I feel they sound better if I do. There is no standby setting on the ML 23.5 amp. There is a relatively sudden noticable improvement in sound (warm up time) after about 20-30 minutes with optimal sound being gradually reached after about 60-90 minutes. My ML dealer said that there is no problem leaving ML amps on 24/7 if you want to. Enjoy.
The Levinson now has a standby mode so it doesn't drain your pocket and gives you a rather quick start up for better sound sooner. It does not run as hot when you leave it on as say a Krell class A amp. Keep it in stand by and you will get the best of all worlds - money and sound.