Leather finish

The Hansen Audio offer new leather finish, in anybody from our society get chance to see this and listen ?
What is you opinion regarding   leather like finish material ?
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Did you see ? or just posted
This will help getting opinions:

According to the site, it's faux leather. Pleather. Based on its appearance, I'm guessing it has an M.S.R.P to match the "high end" vibe?

Because of that, I say...FAIL. It should have real leather...it's all in the detail.
Imagine a Sonus Faber with pleather?  A travesty!

They probably sound nice. 

New speaker from Robert Gaboury’s boutique company, Arteluthe, is experimenting with leather on his new bookshelf loudspeaker, La Piccola. I’d encourage you to check out his Facebook page and see what progress updates he’s been making. Very cool looking speaker.
I love it on my Focals. 
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I messed up. I thought you meant on the listener. 
Not for vegetariëns....
At this price level, non-animal "leather" (e.g. vinyl/Naugahyde/Ultrasuede) is tacky.  You won't find that in a Lambo, Ferrari, or Porsche.    
[Ricardo Montalban’s voice] Rich Corinthian Leather? [/Ricardo Montalban]
Why would anyone want to put dead skin on their electronics? Sounds about as stupid as it gets.
They say -no animal leather,  Loudspeakers is not electronics,
Some times is the part of room design   

Chrysler Córdoba 
I have no skin in this game.