Least expensive solid stereo stand?


My current system includes:

Piega C10 ltds

Mc402 x 2 running parallel, they'll be sitting on the floor

c2200 tube pre
Oppo 103 player
Aloia cd player
Scott nixon dac

That's it. Any suggestions?


Timbernation will build you whatever you want out of solid hardwoods as thick as you want them.  It's not cheap but you may be able to get what you need for a reasonable price.

In my experience with racks, you get what you pay for, but there may be a great really cheap rack out there that I don't know about.

@tomcy6 , do you have any comments on salamander's Archtype HIFI-rack?
those are adjustable shelf being fixed by nuts & washer.
Two cement blocks and a piece of plywood is the lowest cost. 

If you want a bit of elegance, then you could look at Plateau racks. I used two of the larger TV stands on casters which I place end to end forming a wonderful, long rack across the front of the room. Perfect, well built, looks good and costs not too much. 
Salamander can work well IF you put  2-4 " maple slabs on the MDF 
 but "harsh" sounding stock.
The beautifully finished 3 "  maple sold on here by Dawns Stands in
 Michigan@ 105$ shipped work a treat and look very elegant on black
 Salamander . I bought 3 from her and best money I ever spent for my system.

I have a Salamander rack. I just put a Bamboo chopping block from IKEA on one of the MDF shelves. Then I raised up the component (CD player) with Maple blocks. I did some critical listening and found that this was a very good tweak and the cost of the chopping block was just $14.99+tax. I already had the blocks as they were scrap from a kitchen. The chopping block is not large enough to replace the shelf, but it didn't seem to matter at all. I suppose you could do this on any rack and save a bunch of money over buying a specialized audio rack. I could only imagine the 2 or 3" maple slabs mentioned above to be at least as good.
Great!  thank you Pokey 
Thank you, I'll look into the Salamander
Have you looked at InterMetro shelving?
It's both very sturdy and relatively inexpensive:

4 Posts at $10/each
3 Shelves at $25/each
3 Shelf-Tops at $10/each
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