Least expensive receivers AND pre's w/HD Dolby/DTS

Wondering if anyone has a list of what pre's and receivers are currently the cheapest entry into 1.3a (Version 2?) connectivity and also HD-Dolby and DTS Master? (P.S., not looking for analog-in, and thus processing via a player or other source, but rather processin IN the pre or receiver)Also, some sort of EQ circuit would be nice, but not necessary for the list.
Also, what's the deal with the Emotiva(?) I heard about a while back for cheap?
Also, I heard word of Harmon Kardon (otherwise excellent sounding receivers for the money!) releasing some new receivers in their line-up -But see nothing on their website. Any input here?
The cheapest route to full HDMI 1.3a pre/pro capability is an Onkyo TX-SR705, because--even though it's a receiver--it has 7.1 ch. pre-outs. It lists at $799 but can be had for as low as $599. It can decode Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. It also has HDMI video up-conversion with DCDi technology, HDMI V1.3 repeater (3 in/1 out, 1080p compatible), and an RS232 Port for Audyssey MultEQ XT Interface Control. I believe it comes with a microphone and the Audyssey software.
Er, doesn't have to be a pre/pro capable receiver, but that is a plus, yes. Just receivers or pre's. does the model down have my requirements? Thanks
How is the sound on the Onkyo using pre-outs...Does anyone have experience with it?

02-13-08: Flrnlamb
Er, doesn't have to be a pre/pro capable receiver, but that is a plus, yes. Just receivers or pre's. does the model down have my requirements?
Looks like the Onkyo TX-SR605, the model down, has everything you're looking for. It has HDMI V1.3 repeater (2in/1out, 1080p compatible), HDMI video up-conversion with Faroudja DCDi, and decodes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. It also has Audyssey room optimization software built-in.

I believe I saw these on Amazon for $399.
I have the 805 and it is fantastic. I only use the pre-outs with outboard amps and a pre-amp for two channel with HT bypass. The 805 does everything I want it to do and has never had a fault. The 605 is a steal and highly recommended unless you need pre-outs for other amps.
Well, I think I'm going to hold off for another 6 months to a year, until things the next batch comes along, and/or prices drop. I'm really looking to see what companies like Harmon Kardon do with the new formats, and/or some cheaper pre/pro's come out, with what I want. I dunno. Right now I'm very pleased with my cheapo setup in a small room, with a system I have set up suprisingly well! I'm using a cheap "yester-year" Kenwood receiver I paid $10 for (has direct bypass feature and DD) , with an 8" sub I paid $20 for, with some speakers that are worth about $25 ea (Infinity TSS-750's), and an old DVD player (Panasonic DVD-A310) worth about $40!! It's not a mega buck processor system with state of the art anything. But it sure sounds pretty glorious in my tiny space, all acoustically decked out and tweaked! Lovin it!
However, I would like to uprgade to EQ's, HD-DVD and Master, and HDMI 1.3 switching hear soon...
Flrnlamb, HD-DVD is dead. Blue-ray won... So you may want to wait a few months until the dust settles.
No, no - I'm sorry, I meant Dolby Digital-HD! Not HD DVD.
My bad...