Learn about the Well Tempered Turntable

I just sold my Well Tempered Turntable here on Audiogon. In the process, I made some videos for my buyer to introduce him to the new "toy" he just bought from me.

I'm posting links to my videos here for anyone else who wishes to learn more about Well Tempered Turntables. Nothing official, just things I'm pointing out based upon my own personal experience.

If anyone else has differing experience or sees that I was totally wrong about something, I invite you to post your comments!

Overview of the Well Tempered Turntable

Setting up and using the Well Tempered Turntable
Very commendable. Nice way to familiarize the next owner with his/her new turntable. I am not going to critique your helpfull video, but I am confused about one point you mention about the arm/ cart. alignment. You say to begin by lining the arm's end to the circle line of the protractor. Can you quote this point from the manual? I always thought we were supposed to line the circle up with the stylus tip. Also, when doing so, the tip should line up to the circle at it's furthest point away from the arm's base. I should mention that this advice pertains to the reference arm which does have a different headshell arrangement.
Would it be possible to re-post the videos? I have a WTT I would like to set up and documentation is scarce.
I couldn't bring these up Anthony, anyone else have trouble. Thanks for posting though.
I couldn't bring up the sites either. Too bad because this could be an excellent informative thread.

Anthonylai ... what did you replace the table with? Please don't tell us that you went over to the dark side (digital). *lol*