Lead Weight on a Nuforce 9sev2

Question for all the Nuforce users. I have a problem with
the Nuforce 9 SEv2's moving around because of the stiff
cables and low mass of the amps. (Using Tip Toes under them)
The cables are JPS Superconductor 3.

Do you think there would be any problem putting some lead bars on top to stabilize them?

Thanks very much for any feedback!
This is a long-standing problem with most gear when you have rigid, thick power cords, which most of the high-end ones are. There is much debate over what material to use to mass load components and your ears will have to be the ultimate test. Some prefer brass, others sand or lead shot.

One possibility is to have Barry at Bright Star make custom little rocks for the units. This is the most expensive option, but may be one of the best performance wise.

If you do it correctly, you will significantly improve your sound. Do it the wrong way and you will kill dynamics. I tried bricks on top of some compnents and the result was awful. For some reason unknown to me, how the weight is distributed is key and maybe even more important than the material used, which itself does also affect the sound, but to a smaller extent.
I'm using a Bright Star Audio Little Rock (13x17x1 inches) that sits on top of both of my NuForce 9.02 SE V2 amps that are spaced about 1 inch apart. I also use the Bright Star Isonode feet (the large ones) under the fixed feet of the NuForce amps. They help to soften the sound without loss of detail.

Why did you use one Little Rock instead of two? Is there a sonic benefit using only one?
Check out Magnan's tweaks page for Nuforce amps www.magnan.com/nuforce.html lead is one of their recommended tweaks.
CK. I use the large Little Rock mainly because I have owned it for the last 7 years, and it fits perfectly over the two amps. I have not tried two smaller ones.
Ck i'm using mapleshades heavy hat triplepoints on top of my V2s. I was using JPS SC 2s and they were very stiff so i know what you are talking about. The triplepoints are working very well for weight and vibrations. A fine tweak indeed for Nuforce amps IMO.

Are you using anything under the amps for isolation?
I'v got my SE's sitting on top of a combination of small inner tubes with suede covered DIY sand bags on top.

Yes Ck mapleshade triplepoint footers a maple platform sitting on isoblocks. You can see a picture at my system link. I also have installed emf material inside of the top cover of my amps, i also have ferrite rings under the amps. Enjoy the music.