To lead shot my VR-4 Jr or not???????

If yes how much, ? 25/50/75/100lbs??


ABSOLUTELY!!!! Otherwise you will miss the full potential of this speaker.
Use 40-50 lbs per speaker and you will notice a dramatic difference- tighter, more powerful bass and a generally more dynamic speaker. You can find lead shot reasonably priced at gun and ammo shops. About $15/25 lbs. The shot size doesn't matter much - I used #8, I think.

Another highly recommended tweak is to apply Walker SST sliver contact treatment to the internal connections of each speaker/driver unit; the woofers, mids and tweeters. The VR4JRs become even faster-sounding, more open and clearer than they already are.

p.s. these speakers take about 500 hours of burn-in
Put it in after you have them positioned to your liking. They do make a difference. Phil Brady
if its possible to use cleaned aquarium gravel instead use it. its not cheap, but its dust free and more importantly its completely safe and its not 'lead'. do not handle led with bare hands, and even it there is a tiny bit of lead dust emitted, its not worth it for you or others. steel bb's are also a safer alternative.
Agree with Jaybo, don't use anything leaded, lot of other alternatives that do the job without the health risk.
non-odour kitty litter or 'play' sand work best. You can purchase "steel" shot from gun stores. I have heard a mixture of play sand and steel shot works nicely.

I have personally yet to load my arro's with sand. I am afraid I will loose some imaging, but I will experiement in the future.
You will over damp the speaker. Tom
Steel bearings will stick to the magnets, no?
health risk? I think you guys should be more concerned about the crap that goes into our food and live-stock that some lead in a speaker, but thanks for your concern!!!
Please point the shotgun away from your speakers, and put the safety back on. Shooting them would scare your neighbors too much...
you can use dumbells and workout when music is not playing. get one with a flat spot to keep it from rolling off.
Try putting LEAD SHOT in your drum set to NOT hear how they sound. Tom