Lead shielding

I have made myself a cable tidy which effectively boxes my loudspeaker cables from my 2 aerial cables, and a phono lead from my TV to my amp. The makeup of my room makes this unavoidable.

I designed it with a view to shielding the TV based cables and running a grounding wire to a rod in the garden. I considered the following:
1. run the cables via copper pipes - grounding the said pipe
2. line the respective 'box'/'run' with lead - ground that.

I thought about lead because I saw a roll in my workshop, and understood it to be an effecive shield
Exactly what problem are you trying to solve with your lead shielding?
It would keep Superman from seeing what it is.
Only use lead if you are running a nuclear powered system.
RFI EMI - and Krypton of course - LOL