lead paint and sound quality

lt's a known fact that emf/rf radiation cannot penetrate lead paint and this is why it was banned in the 1970's not because it causes cancer because lead is safe.why do you think the main ingredient in just for men hair color is lead acetate. when listening to audio in a house with lead paint blocking all the deadly emf/rf and your audio sounds amazing take away the lead paint and there goes the sound. why do you think painting audio cables with just for men hair dye and letting it dry will improve the sound more than any other expensive cable you ever heard and it cost less than $10 dollers.
**** because lead is safe. ****

Do you want to reconsider this assertion?  This is not funny anymore.
I thought the real reason lead paint was banned was because it was interfering with the HAARP results, or was it the mind control initiatives?
Silly, silly silly. Have you ever seen a person with heavy metal poisoning.
I, ME, my friends were all Leadded, by a welder working on a sludge Queen, That's what it was called. It floated in TEL pond. A POND, FULL of the stuff.  It was and still is the main ingredient in IMRON PAINT..

That paint use to be twice as expensive as any paint, you could buy.

Like fire engine RED acrylic, lacquer. VERY expensive at the time..

I'll never forget, everyone said the same thing, that got a bad dose.
I DIDN'T. They felt like they were shaking apart INSIDE. The cure was keep, testing until you were clean. We all cleaned up. There is NO LEAD in ANY hair product. ZERO.... Liquid Lead, WILL KILL YOU!!! It is a poison, and a slow acting one at that.. DON'T mess with with the stuff UNLESS you are TRAINED... SAM YOU ARE NOT....

NO breathing, handling, or ingesting of ANY kind... DEADLY... in a liquid form....

Be Careful

And smoking cigarettes cures lung cancer and heart disease. 
We need to start ignoring this guy.  The constant stream of idiotic conspiracy themed posts detracts from "serious" audiophile exchanges.  That said, I'd pay Monopoly money to watch a steel cage match between Kenjit and the guitar man.
My money is on K. I can almost understand him.. But I want to see who wants to get in the cage, and who wants to get out? That's gonna say a lot. 

I say K would want to just be an onlooker, an see SAM, self destruct, on his own... The shape of the cage and what it's made of though might be an issue for K though, Just sayin', ay K? :-)

lt's a known fact that emf/rf radiation cannot penetrate lead paint and this is why it was banned in the 1970's not because it causes cancer because lead is safe

Plenty of FM radios work in lead painted rooms.

In all of epidemiological research there are two subjects which stand at the very top of the quality of correlation between prevalence and disease:

  • Smoking
  • Lead
This is a dangerous and factually wrong statement that needs to be called out.  You want to make stuff up, and misuse terms about audio and music, fine, but don't spread lies about health and safety.


I am afraid I have had it with this clown.
His stupid, ridiculous threads are taking over and making this place a huge joke.

And now he is spouting potentially dangerous misinformation.
Hold on a minute?
Could this be tRump slumming it from Twitter time?

The similarities are getting too hard to ignore.....
does asbestos in the ceiling help too...?
And I thought my silk lined lead underwear, was so COOL...
No XRay issues anyways, They hung a good 30 pounder on me the other day before they took pics of my arms, and hands.

THAT was a serious apron. Like 3 Mile Island, gear... They just keep getting heavier, and heavier, from seeing folks having their feet X Ray for proper fitting shoes. I saw that as a kid, yup yup. In the local 5 and dime store. Sold everything in there, from snuff, to Dapper Dan's Hair Cream.