Lead on Carry That Weight

Does anyone know for CERTAIN who is playing lead on Carry That Weight / The End (Abbey Road)? The style is Lennon, but the playing, with all due respect to JL, a bit too smooth / accomplished. Maybe it's in the liner notes -- I've got the MoFi LP with me today, which does not indicate track lineups.

Not sure about lead guitar but there are three separate guitar solos. John, Paul, and George each plays one. I'm not certain of the order so I could only speculate. This came from a college course on Beatles music. What a hoot that was.
They trade leads. First is McCarntey, second is Harrison and Lennon is third, then they repeat. There is an alternate explanation of Harrison, Clapton and McCartney, but if you listen closely, you'll know it's not true.
Wasn't George the most accomplished of the 3 on guitar??
Also I thought Clapton only played on the White album??
If you are not already familiar with it; there is a book called "Beatles Songs" that is interesting. It pretty much goes through every song they ever recorded and lists who played what, and who wrote what. It also gives comments, recording info, etc. Only for the hardcore Beatle head.............
Stu Sutcliff! Here's an interesting link for some Beatle's info from the early days: Early Beatles
Let me be a little more specific ... the solo comes at the end of Carry That Weight. It is framed by a drum solo (kick drum, mostly) on the front end and then a +/- five second passage of repetitive piano strokes, which leads into "The End". All of this occurs in the last two or three minutes at the end of the album.

As for mention of Clapton, my understanding is that the only place he appears on any Beatles recording is lead on "While My Guitar Gentley Weeps".

The solo to which I refer is pretty raucous ... a Badfinger, perhaps?
I couldn't find my copy of "Beatles Songs" CMO refers to but Onhwy61 (nice name) is correct. Xiekitchen, for my money Lennon was the most expressive guitar player of the three.
found my "Beatles Songs" and Onhwy61 is correct. Also the drum solo Raquel refers to is the only drum solo Ringo performed on a Beatles album. If you have more than a passing interest in The Beatles' songs, check this book out.