Lead Balloon vs. Leadless Balloon TT stand

I have recently seen several of the old Arcici Lead Balloon turntable stands on Audiogon. These are discontinued, a website says, because the EPA said no lead. How do these compare to their replacement, the Leadless Balloon stand,or to other turntable stands?
The lead in the Lead Balloon consisted of two lead bars that lay on top of the stand. I never used them, figuring my Bright Star sand box added enough mass and damping to the stand. I did fill the stand's hollow legs with a mixture of leadshot, sand, and sawdust. I have since replaced the sand box with a maple butcherblock.

Not having any other stands to compare it to, I can not comment on its sonics. However, I find the stand to be very sturdy - able to withstand hundreds of pounds (granite) placed on its top. I find it a perfectly acceptable base under my TNT-5. YMMV
Thanks for your input.