LDR Active Preamp - does it exist?

I am using passive LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) volume control LightSpeed Attenuator. As much as clarity and all the good stuff about this little preamp, I wish I can have some gain for my low sensitivity amplifiers. Is there any existing active preamp using LDR volume control?
Source-->Burson-->Lightspeed --> Amp

Tried both ways and settled on the above config being slightly better.
May be you prefer the sound of a little second harmonic distortion, nothing wrong with that, adds a little ease to the presentation if needed, and may cover the sound of the Burson a little, that's what tube amps do.
But if everything is spot on in the system, then the Burson after the Lightspeed will be a more precise presentation, and give warts and all, and not be kind to bad recordings, and let the sound of the Burson through as well. This could be a good or bad thing, I'm not sure how the Burson sounds, but anything active has a sound signature of it's own.

Cheers George
George - to your understanding, is a battery significantly improve sonic quality over wallwart to power Lightspeed?
Thank you George, you nailed it. That's exactly how I would describe the difference between having the Burson before LDA or after, except I couldn't describe it well as you.

BTW, I purchased an empty Burson case to house the LDA and they look great together as a matching pair. The empty Burson case was just about a perfect fit for the LDA to fit inside. The Burson folks are very nice. Typical Aussie's.
The battery is not a significant improvement. There is a difference in the sound but I cannot precisely pinpoint what it is. I swap the power supplies around every so often, but could live with either one.