LDR Active Preamp - does it exist?

I am using passive LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) volume control LightSpeed Attenuator. As much as clarity and all the good stuff about this little preamp, I wish I can have some gain for my low sensitivity amplifiers. Is there any existing active preamp using LDR volume control?
+1 for Burson with LDA. A great match, been happy with this combo. Also, the people at Burson are friendly and accommodating.
George - the OPA627 DIY is too hard for me. Is there another version that easier.... :))
4hannons - how do you set up the Lightspeed and Burson.

Source --> Lightspeed --> Burson --> Amp


Source --> Burson --> Lightspeed --> Amp

Have you tried between those two configurations and what sonic results different between those two configurations.
If you think the OPA627 is a little hard then an OP275 is for you, but I think it's a dual, there maybe a OP175 single.
As for Burson buffer in the system position, I would put it after the Lightspeed as the Lightspeed is fine with the standard output of 2v from cd it's has .01% second harmonic distortion, but when it gets over 4v into it, the second harmonic distortion rises, not bad, but enough, to start giving that typical second harmonic distortion sound that tubes give, some even like this.
Also the Burson has a lower output impedance than the Lightspeed so it can drive lower input impedance poweramps and longer interconnects.

Cheers George
Source-->Burson-->Lightspeed --> Amp

Tried both ways and settled on the above config being slightly better.