LCR phono stages we know about

Lately, I have become enthralled with LCR phono stages, based on some personal listening experiences and on the fact that many designers I respect are involved in LCR phono design. However, I don't really feel that I have a complete picture re what's out there in terms of commercial products. If you own or have heard an LCR phono stage and have an opinion, please name the product and feel free to render an opinion of it, compared to other phono stages of any type with which you are familiar. Thanks.
I agree with Jfrech's analogy. The Allnic does have a palpability and involving presentation that is addicting. I have owned the Allnic H3000 for about 8 months and still learning it and still trying to figure out the best load as there are 16 options! However, with my Jubilee MC there are realistically only about 10 options but they do each present differently.
" is that it places only an inductor in series with the system, which has very low DC resistance compared to the resistor MANDATED in RC type RIAA "

My point in posting was to highlight the fact that not all RC RIAA implementations require that high value series resistor and that yes, removing it does yield improved dynamics, palpability, touch etc. I have heard the difference in two different phono pre's: a single ended parallel feed design and a differential series feed design. In each case switching from series to shunt resistance resulted in big improvements in the above mentioned areas.

So you are right. Providing a low resistance path through the phono stage is beneficial in my experience. I just wanted to point out that LCR is not the only game in town when it comes to doing that. You seem to have implied that with the above quote.
Here's some more to contribute to the topic:
I am thrilled to own an Experience Music LCR Kahn phono stage
I the van den Hul Grail SB a LCR phono pre amp. This pre amp is one of the best I have ever heard. Maybe even better then my previous "reference" the Pass XP-15 and XP-25.
But I have not heard them side by side.

Has anyone here heard the van den Hul Grail and Grail SB?

See for info: