LCR phono stages we know about

Lately, I have become enthralled with LCR phono stages, based on some personal listening experiences and on the fact that many designers I respect are involved in LCR phono design. However, I don't really feel that I have a complete picture re what's out there in terms of commercial products. If you own or have heard an LCR phono stage and have an opinion, please name the product and feel free to render an opinion of it, compared to other phono stages of any type with which you are familiar. Thanks.
@indieroehre thanks for the lead on the Ampearl RE2030. I pulled the trigger on one. However, I see that it's the RE1030 that uses the 6F12P, the RE2030 uses 6S3P and 6J9P in the phono circuit. Andre was nice enough to through in a spare set of tubes as well with the purchase.
with the RE1030  you can only use the Russian type of 6F12P, there is no equivalent. In the LCR RE2030 you can use E180F for the 6J9P. It sounds best with the original russian tubes in my ears. Andrey always sends a complete set for spare. I have both, the RE1030 and the LCR RIAA.
Just wanted to report back to say I finally received my Ampearl RE2030 LCR phono. The shipping took nearly 2 months to get here but after a couple weeks in my system it sounds very nice and it is very quiet as well. Quite a surprise for $800. I upgraded the input/output jacks but other than that it is stock.