LCD3 with Lyr?

Does anyone of you know if the Lyr does the LCD3 justice? Does it run the LCD3 to its full potential? Or should I buy another headphone, such as??? Please help! And if it does run the LCD3 good then what tubes should I upgrade to?

Go for the Mjolnir and use the balanced cable. It's really worth the upgrade.

The Lyr I have was great the HE6 (tho again the Mjolnir was better at driving the HE6), but because of the higher sensitivity of the LCD3, I noticed a bit of noise with the Lyr/LCD3 combo.

I have even used a battery powered ALO RXII to drive the LCD3
Thank you Doggiehowser,

I just bought the Lyr so I can't really afford the Mjolnir which sucks... How will I connect the Mjolnir to my computer if its balanced, is it still USB?
The Mjolnir like the Lyr is just a head amp. No DAC inside, so no USB connection.

You can use a mini stereo to RCA jack to connect the computer to the Mjolnir. The Mjolnir supports either RCA or balanced analog inputs (not both at the same time). You just flick the switch depending on which type of input you use.

Or you can use the matching Gungnir DAC which does have a USB input and has balanced connections to match the Mjolnir.

I use the Mjolnir on my bedroom setup with a Bel Canto DAC3.5VB II/VBS combo - connected to my MBPretina using a Wavelink HS.
FWIW I have the original Lyr. Subsequent Lyrs were modified slightly IIRC so you may have better luck pairing the Lyr with the LCD3.
Thank you Doggie,

I have a Bifrost Uber with USB upgrade, can I just use that or must I get the Gungnir? I do not understand what balanced things are and they confuse the hell out of me lol. please help!
Balanced connections use 3 pins for the signal +, - and ground. Doing so provides better noise rejection. Theoretically this should only benefit longer runs but even for incredibly short runs like headphones, there's a noticeable benefit.

RCA cables only have 2 (positive and ground).

If you are using the Lyr, the Bifrost is the matching DAC from Schiit. Both are RCA only.
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