LCD TV's Digital toslink Out

Dumb question here: my LG LCD TV has a toslink Digital Out. I've run it through my CAL Alpha DAC (non-48/96 version) and it sounds much better than the TV's analog RCA out's to the preamp do. Problem is, on the handful of true digital channels I get, I just get no sound -- just static (since the sampling rate on those is probably higher that what the standard Alpha can convert?)
Would a Monarchy 24/96 DIP convert the output from these digital channels so I can hear something through the Alpha DAC? Or am I even in the ballpark on trying to figure this one out?
Thanks :)
Steve, it probably will not work. The issue is that the hi-res channels are probably outputting Dolby Digital 5.1 or even DD2.0 and not a stereo PCM digital signal used by your DAC.

If you can configure your TV to only output PCM, that would solve the problem, but I'm guessing that there is not an option to select PCM only.

If you have an HT receiver available, try plugging into the receiver and see what kind of signal it locks on. It will probably be DD 5.1, 2.1 or 2.0 and you will know you are out of luck.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Don't think I have the option to do PCM output from the TV the way I do on my DVD player.

You've saved me from buying a Monarchy DIP, only to find out it won't do the trick -- so thanks :)

Kind of weird -- my best-looking TV channels will have to be played through the TV speakers only ...