LCD TV on top of CC speaker

I plan to upgrade my center channel speaker to the new B&W 600 series HTM1 but the only physical spot I can locate it is directly underneath my LCD TV (Sony Bravia 32", 37.5 lbs). I plan to place the TV with pedestal on top of the 21.5" x 13.4" side. While there is ample room on the speaker horizontal side to hold the TV, does anyone see anything wrong or detrimental with this arrangement? The speaker will certainly be strong enough to hold it but what about long term? Also, any concerns with RF interference, vibration, etc? I plan to have a piece of felt or cloth in between to prevent scratches of course. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

I am pretty sure they also make a bracket to place on top of the Bravia to hold the center. I've seen them at BestBuy and 7th Ave Electronics.
no problem there. (I use some MDF boards to raise my 125 lb. Plasma above my center which just lays on the cabinet top.)
The center speaker does not have much bass content anyway, which is where most cabinet vibration would come from.
As for the weight, it is no problem.
(if you are using felt be sure it does not have a tendency to slade right off the smooth surface of the speaker!!! and trash your TV.
I wouldn't want all those vibrations through my tv. Buy or build a shelf to isolate them.
Thanks everyone. All great suggestions. Appreciate it.