LCD Television Noise ???

I am contemplating the purchase of a 26" LCD television in the near future and have been browsing the web gathering information. I am considering Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. I read one review where the television emitted a subtle yet annoying high-pitched whine. Actually, my Dell high-resolution flat-screen computer monitor will do this until it gets really warmed up. Said televison was replaced twice with new units which all made the same noise. This would drive me crazy. Can anyone tell me if I should expect LCD television sets to do this, perhaps some worse than others? If so, which of the brands I mentioned would whine the least? Thank you!
Unless you have this impossible room full of light that would cause un-controlled glare I would look at Plasma, I never noticed a noise from any unit my friends have, but I wasnt trying to hear it and there was always lots going on.
I just purchased a Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV (KDL32S3000) and there is no perceptible wining noise of any type I can hear. I never heard of this being inherent in LCD TV's. All the brands you mention are good ones. Features are what you want to research and select the TV with the features that work for you. I would stay away from Polaroid & Westinghouse. Just my opinion but to me, their picture just doesn't seem to be as good as the more expensive units.
I cannot afford Plasma and anyway the largest size that will fit my furniture is 26-inch. Thus I am seriously considering the Sony KDL-26S3000.
Based upon a very small sampling, I wouldn't worry about it at all. We (well, I) bought a dirt-cheap HD LCD this summer for eventual college use next year. Just went checking that & all the other LCDs in the house - the only noise I could hear was from the el cheapo and that was only a very faint florescent light-like white noise when the backlight came on and that lasted for at most 30 seconds. It was not detectable at all by the third time I turned the TV on, and I was maybe 12-15" away to be able to hear it at all. You should be able to try the on/off test in the store but I'd wager you'll hear nothing, too.

I'd agree w/ Pdn - check for features you want. For 720P @ 26" practically anything will work OK - and if I'm remembering the right one then the 26S3000 is a very nice unit that had decent blacks, too. Looked way better than the plasmas ;~) (for those of us who hate the obvious screen door from most plasmas).
I have the Sony KDL-26S3000 and I don’t hear any high pitched noise. I have 3 LCD monitors of different sizes and not one whines. If you buy the LCD monitor from a local retailer like Best Buy or Circuit City. You can return it. Also, I think the LCD monitors of this size are nicer than plasma. Crisp, vibrant. The new LCD's are getting better and better...
None of my LCD's make a drop of noise.
I love Samsungs (15" & 40"). Sony would be my second choice.
However, for the price, my 21" Westinghouse monitor can't be beat if you don't need sound.
Thanks everyone, for your input! Since we are on the subject, here are the LCD televisions between which I am trying to choose:
Panasonic TC-26LX70
Samsung LN-T2653H
Sony KDL-26S3000 (second choices KDL-26ML130, KDL-26M3000)
Toshiba 26HL67
Opinions, please, Mr. Spock?
Go to your local store and take a look and buy the one you prefer. As for me I prefer Sony. I never had trouble with them and they seem to always have the superior picture over all other brands.

The Sony KDL-26S3000 is better than the other Sony's you listed. Get the Sony. The picture is amazing! Panasonic a close second. Skip on Samsung and Toshiba. Overrated.
I am also considering the recently-discontinued but still-available Toshiba 26HF66. It is a flat-screen CRT set with all of the features of the newer LCD units. But it would barely fit in my cabinet and it weighs 80 pounds. I think that a quality CRT can beat a quality LCD. What say you?
A quality CRT can and usually will beat a quality LCD or plasma.
Usually? A CRT 99% of the time should blow away and Plasam or LCD by a large margin. The size and weight are the only reason more people do not stick with them, its s ahame that we had to take 2 steps backward in performance to go a step forward in size and weight.