LCD Question: Covering Screen w/Clear plastic?

I realize this isn't a Audio question but it is hooked up to a receiver!
I have a LCD TV in my Garage as I watch the news or some programs when I work out there. But I am concerned that it may be subject to a stray airborne object, clumsy swing of a board etc. I was thinking of adding either a clear plactic or lexan cover to protect the screen. Anyone ever do that or have any advice. I doubt there is any radiation that could harm the screen but wondering about the heat build up etc.
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Mount a piece of plastic so that it sits a few inches in front of the screen. No heat build-up, you can still clean the screen, and you're protected.
A buddy of mine has young kids and he put a sheet of plexiglass or similar material over his 55" screen to protect from wandering hands. The plastic sheet is mounted by velcro that is attached to the frame of the TV. It works great and you can't even tell it's there. I think this is a common issue, since the place where he bought the TV (HH Gregg) recommended it and I think they may have even installed it for him. Check with your local TV retailers and I'm sure they can recommend a solution.
Theo - In addition to screen you need to protect rest of it. Your LCD has most likely electroluminescent backlite that works like vacuum cleaner for dust (high voltage). Many LCD monitors or laptops loose brightness over time because of it (dust shorts high voltage).