Lazarus Hybrid Amps? Anyone familiar with them?

Would like feedback on them.
They used to make awesome sounding gear. The amps run hot as hell and have incredible bass drive for 50wpc. They are a bit twisted to repair as I tried to repair a balanced section in one of the preamps that I still have nightmares about.

The original designer does not seem to be available to any electronic format like a phone or e-mail. There is a Lazarus website that has some of the preamps listed but nobody will respond to e-mail.
I have a pair of Lazarus h1a amps which produce either 50 watts per channel in stereo or 200 watts in mono. They are capable of driving a dead short, as the manual describes, which makes them ideal for driving tough loads like big Apogee ribbons and original M-L CLS's. They also sound excellent.

What's the URL of the Lazarus web site you mentioned?
The URL is
The e-mail is Unless things have changed you will not get a response. I have heard from others that they have dealt with Lazarus in the last year so maybe there is a weak connection between Inca Rock and Lazarus. The date on the Lazarus link off of the page is 1998 so there may be no connection any longer. The page is in English so I am assuming that they speak English but that is a big assumption these days.