Lazarus Audio any Schematics Anyone?

Any one have schematics for Lazarus stuff?
The preamp was based on a modified Dynaco PAS-3 without tone controls that was published in an old Glass Audio magazine.
I know a guy who has schematics for both the amp and preamp, but for no justifiable reason he stubbornly refuses to share them. *sigh* Life is too short for people to be that way.

I may be able to get a copy of the amp schematics (h1a) from someone else if you care to email me.


on Lazarus

Thanks -
Are you having an issue with the preamp?
yes- its dead
If it's based on a Dynaco Pas 3 I can fix it for you.
Hifigeek1, the phono section is nearly the same as the PAS-3. The line stage is different but very simple- just a 12AX7 with the first half direct-coupled to a cathode follower.

There is regulation in the power supply. None that has anything to do with PAS mods but its pretty straightforward.
Atmasphere...thanks for the info.