Lay Off the Newbies!

I always try to keep my posts constructive, but there is something that regularly goes on here that I think is detrimental to our hobby - A newbie has a simple question and a bunch of neurotic geezers (of which I include myself) jump on the guy with a million rules and rituals he must follow to achieve his goal, which ends up discouraging the guy right out of hobby. There was one analog thread on static where I recommended Gruv Glide and you geezers started in with so much BS- humidifiers, move to another climate, expensive gimmicks, etc, that GG would kill him and his records.  The end result? By the end of the thread, he sold his analog rig because he couldn't deal with the stress.  In a recent digital thread, you guys are recommending a newbie buy 20 year old transports.  All this does is just make newbies so stressed out that you'll drive them to MP3s.  Newbies need simple answers, commensurate with their experience level.  Buy a Rega table, screw in a Rega cartridge and play records.  They have plenty of time to turn into us.  Somehow we survived, listening to our Sansui receivers and JBL L-100s in bedrooms thick with pot smoke and spilled Boone's Farm.  And we made it.  Sometimes I'm amazed as well.  Let the young have fun while they can. Be well.  
It was Sherwood and KLH (when the names meant something) but you got the rest right!
styleman I've been here for years doing just that. Most of the time I will get a laugh, shake my head at the negativity or just learn. Rarely will I post because if I have a question it gets answered sooner or later or I look it up. Since I am the student and the forum is the prof I don't have a lot to contribute, and that is reflected in my minuscule post count.
Having said all that, I read AG every day.

Bill - well said brother. We really do need a visit ;-). But don’t expect any quarter on the track, I would still bump ya into the Armco… ( not in an F car
This thread, though well intentioned, has pointed out that this place has morphed into some kind of internet gauntlet, with the nice people on one side and the not so nice ones opposite them. 

If a newbie wants to run that gauntlet, my advice is to run close to the nice ones and ignore the others as they swing for the fences while aiming at your head.

And, stay clear of that guy who yells "shiller" all the time.

All the best,
Yes totally agree.  We were all at one time "newbies" to the hobby.  For myself there was no Internet to seek information.  I had to learn by listening to equipment at audio stores. Few exist now.  Sales people.  Local audiophiles.  Audio magazines.  Then spending money to figure it out for myself. 
However, now there is TMI.  Too Much Information.  Being new to the hobby they may not be able to separate the subjective / objective view points and sarcasms to aid him or her in their quest.
To add to a prior thread, a "Woman" co worker started me into Higher Fi and the art of audio reproduction.  I don't know if I should thank her or curse her.