Lawrence Audio Speakers

If anyone has had the pleasure of listening to these speakers I would like to hear your opinion(s).I am considering the Violin or Cello model;most likely driving them with tube power.
The dealers for these are not exactly close to my present location but if I hear solid feedback a trip to audition may be in the future.
I heard the Cello at RMAF/2013. While the visit was short I can conclude that you are on the right track.
Hey Rleff,

My reference speakers are the Cello's driven by 300B amps. I'm also a staff reviewer for and wrote a review on the both the Cellos, bought the review pair and the Mandolins. Take a look at my review for details. I will also be getting in house for review shortly Lawrence Audio's new model the Double Bass, the model just above the Cello. Send me an E-mail if you have questions regarding these wonderful speakers.