Lawrence Audio

Anyone heard these speakers? They look cool but how do they sound?
Hi Drken,

Go to and take a look at my review, in the section called recent quick reviews, on the Cello's for details why after reviewing them I purchased them to replace my bi-amped/Myestand MG-20's. One of my close friends purchased the Lawrence Mandolins for his smaller acoustic space and is totally delighted with how they perform in his system. Mr. Lawrence is a great designer and the build quality is reference level.
Thank you
Yes I have seen them and read review articles about them. I have not heard these speakers however. The reviewer was pretty enthusiast IIRC.
I currently own the Violins. Superb speaker with incredible cabinet finishing. The ribbon tweeter extends to around 40khz. Bass is solid with good impact overall. I'm currently driving them with Rogue Audio Tempest III amplification in a second system. I got a pretty sweet deal for them as I'm in Seoul, Korea and they have no dealer here. They shipped direct from Taipei. Initially, I had good communication with the office manager. Part of what convinced me to buy beyond the design and the price was this email I received: "Above prices including UPS door to door service, without import tax and duty.

Finishes - black, rosewood and cherry

Let me have your shipping address once you place order to us."

Well, I couldn't believe my good fortune. A great price, no additional shipping charges, and the kicker was no import duties. The last part of the offer turned out to be fraudulent. I ended up paying duties of about 800 USD. I tried to look on the bright side--the first two parts of the equation, but every subsequent email I sent to their offices asking clarification about whether or not their offer for not having to pay customs duties was true went unanswered. Excellent product, good price, but a bit misleading as well. Buyer beware.