Lavry DA10 digital volume control question

I've read good things about the DA10 and its comparison with the Benchmark DAC1. After perusing the white papers of the Lavry, it seems that the DA10 comes with an built-in digital volume control that enables direct connection to the power amp, hence a possible omission of an active line stage. Does the DA10 sound good driving the power amp directly? It is my intention to eliminate an extra component in the chain by utilizing the digital volume control of the Lavry.

Any Lavry users that would care to elaborate on the sonic characteristics of the DA10? Dynamics, detail and transparency is preferred over warm, lush and romantic kind of presentation. I want music that's full of energy and verve as opposed to fluid and soft sounding.

Last question, is the Lavry Blue a significantly improved piece compared to the Black DA10?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
Everybody is going to have different opinions and there is also the issue of preference as well. That being said I have posted elsewhere in the forums that I compared the DA10 to the DAC1 in a mastering studio as I was fortunate to find a retailer that sold both units. For me there is no comparison and second I heard the DA10 after the DAC1 I knew which one I would get. The sound stage was bigger, the mids and highs were just more liquid with better detail and less analytical. I pretty much came to the same conclusion as this site

I am operating the unit without a preamp but many would argue that a preamp is needed to get the best sound. The way I looked at it was if I had $1000 do I want an old and potentially average DAC and and average preamp or do I want a really good DAC? The choice was simple and as I only run digital sources a DAC such as the Lavry with volume control was exactly what I was looking for. If I bought a preamp it would simply be an overpriced volume knob.

As far as the Blue my understanding is the DA10 has many of the characteristics of the Blue which is more of a studio piece. Either way I can say I'm very happy with my DA10.