Lavry DA10 and CD transport

To my surprise a high quality CEC TL-1X CD transport is only marginally better than the CEC 3300-R CDP if both are used with the Lavry DA10 DAC. This means that (please choose from the following options):
1. The Lavry DA10 DAC is not sensitive to CD transports.
2. The Lavry DA10's resolution is not high enough to
discriminate between transports.
3. The CEC 3300-R is a very good transport.
4. The CEC TL-1X is a bit outdated transport (despite the
steep price difference with the 3300-R).
5. There was a matching problem between CD-transport/power
cord or CD-transport/digital interconnect.
6. I've been paying too much money for the transport if I'm
using the DA10 DAC (because I own a CEC TL-1X).
7. If you own the Lavry, don't replace your old CD-transport
if you are considering a pricier and more sophisticated
transport, because you would otherwise only be waisting

Tough to say. I suspect several of the 7 items are true, maybe all of them, although #2 seems unlikely to me. I have not tried different transports with my Lavry.
You forgot one.

8. The difference between average digital and exceptional digital is surprisingly small and subtle.

Digital has come a long way and the trickle down benefits can be found even in inexpensive players and DAC's. Expensive changes will result in subtle differences but not major revalations, other than you don't need to spend so much anymore to get good sound.

Bob, of course you are right, but with some contemporary DAC's differences between transports are still easy to hear. For example: the Accustic Arts Tube DAC is still sensitive for transports or Accuphase DAC's. With the Lavry DA10 I can hear only a small difference between the $700 CDP (CEC 3300R) and the $4,500 CD transport (CEC TL-1X), which is to me absurd. I still think the Lavry is not discriminating enough because it doesn't have SOTA detail resolution, but hey, we are talking about a sub $1,000 D/A converter! Does any of you have the same experience?

I agree with Bob. And one other thought: it may not be that the Lavry is not discriminating but rather that it is so well-designed that it takes the transport out of the equation.
Hi Drubin, that would be one of the possibilities, yes. Personally I've never encountered a D/A converter that is not sensitive for transports, even megabuck ones. So there might be another explanation. I'm still in doubt...

Totally disagree, I do not think the Lavry DA10 DAC is up to the task of the CEC TL-1X.

If you try Lavry's top model, then there will be definetely difference
If any of you disagrees with Rademaker, please respond.

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I suppose this response is a little late for this thread. I have found it difficult, but not impossible, to hear transport differences with the Lavry DAC. I agree with those who say not to waste your money on expensive transports with this DAC.

Unfortunately, most owners of the Lavry have never heard what their DAC is capable of. Harvey Rosenthal, whose mod transforms the Lavry, recently passed. As the owner of one of his modified Lavry DACS, I can say that the mod places it in a different league. It is certainly not unresolved.