Lavri Cables

Anybody have experience with Lavri cables for headphones, etc.?  I got their Lightning to USB connector to replace my Apple Camera Adapter and was so impressed I uncharacteristically and impulsively ordered XLR interconnects, a USB cable, and headphone cables from them for the other parts of my headphone rig.  Could be a big mistake on my part as I know nothing about them and haven’t even read any reviews (yeah, I know), but they seem reasonably priced by “high-end” standards and compared to some others out there so just wondering if anyone else has any experience/thoughts on them.  Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving.


You said it correctly @soix . I'd add a more natural and convincing bass. On my LSA HP-3 Novas, there is convincing low bass into the below 30 hz region on some recordings.

I haven’t had the opportunity to compare the LavriCables with anything other than stock cables, but as of now I’m thinking they might be a bargain relative to what other aftermarket cables cost. 

Waiting for my Lavri Grande headphone cable for my Meze Elite. Should be here in 2-3 weeks.